Terms of Use

The National Access Point (NAP) contains data from several data providers and their use may be subject to different terms, payment conditions, etc. The necessary information for each dataset is provided in the respective metadata section. The metadata accompanying public datasets (including the contact details of the author and the maintainer) are visible to all users.

Declaration of Compliance

Organizations that are interested in adding datasets to or getting datasets from the National Access Point may be requested to fill out a self-declaration form. By using this self-declaration form, organizations declare to which extend they adhere to the requirements set out in the Delegated Regulations regarding the quality and usage of the provided data. Please note that the declaration-forms themselves will not be shared with anyone other than the National Assessment Body unless otherwise stated by the signee.

GDPR – Personal Data

All personal data, added during the registration process, are safely stored on the NAP's server. The NAP's administrator has the right to use such data to contact the corresponding member. Please note that personal data will not otherwise be shared. Any member can modify her/his personal data at any time.

Disclaimer - Limitation of liability

The administrator of the Greek NAP makes every effort to minimize disruptions caused by technical issues. However, NAP assumes no responsibility with regards to incidents (including business interruption, loss of business profit, personal injuries, etc.) caused, directly or indirectly, by inadequate or wrong information and does not guarantee the quality of the provided data.

NAP will notify users for any planned service disruptions or any significant loss of data reliability of which the NAP’s administrator is aware. Such notifications will be conducted via email.

The NAP’s administrator reserves the right to update and change the aforementioned terms of use at any time and without prior notice. Please check the terms of use on a regular basis. By continuing to use the NAP, a user automatically accepts any updates to its terms of use.

Software License

Design and implementation of the NAP is based on Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) Data Management System. Through the following links, you can visit the CKAN main repository as well as a selection of the extensions that were used for the development of the NAP.

The NAP is distributed under the open licence GNU Affero General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
The source code of the National Access Point is available here.